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What Should My Will Include?

At a first glance, composing a Last Will and Testament may seem difficult, but in fact, it isn't. With the help of our innovative software, you can create and fill out this document in a couple of minutes. If you decide to do so or address a lawyer instead, you will have to operate with the following terms:

  1. The testator (testatrix for women) - you, or a person, whose inheritance will be distributed among the heirs.

  2. A beneficiary is a person who is responsible for the destiny of the property after your death. It is you who appoints this person. If you don't do so, your inheritance will be distributed automatically among your relatives. The order of such distribution is established by the court and excludes your friends and charity organizations.

  3. The Executor of the will is the person who will have the right to administer the distribution of the estate, pay any costs for the administration, pay any outstanding bills, pay the expenses of the last illness, and pay for the funeral and burial of the person for whom this will is being created. In some states, the executor is called a "Personal Representative".

  4. When a natural parent dies leaving minor children under the age of eighteen, the court must name another adult to take care of the children. The new person named by the court is called a "guardian." The guardian is legally responsible for the care and custody of the minor child, just as the parent was. By naming a guardian in his or her will, a parent can advise the court as to who the best person is to take care of the children. If a parent dies without naming a guardian, the judge must make that decision without any guidance.

The very last step you should do is double-check and sign your Will. The laws in different states may vary, so you have to make sure you comply with all of them. It is better to do everything right on the first attempt. To simplify the process, we give specific information on each state. This will surely save you much time!

Consequences of Not Having a Last Will

Nobody knows if the afterlife exists, but everyone wants the best for their relatives after their death. Last Will is a principal instrument for the distribution of your estates. Also, it helps to plan your funeral expenses and decide how exactly you will be buried.

Composing a Last Will is very important because this document allows you to decide how your inheritance will be distributed. What is more, it helps you appoint an executor and a beneficiary. Simply put, without Last Will, you don't have any control of your property as well as the distribution of it.

This may result in disputes between your relatives or other unintended consequences. Your inheritance will be distributed only among your relatives, not according to your wishes but to the algorithm that had already been established by the government. The algorithm comes as follows: a spouse, children, parents, and, finally, siblings.

Here is the list of possible consequences of not having a Last Will:

  1. Your friends and charity organizations don't have a chance to get their part of the possessions inherited;

  2. If you have a second spouse, a part of your estate will go to them, not your children;

  3. You don't know how your funeral will be sponsored and literally nothing about how your funeral will be organized;

  4. The court will appoint a guardian who may turn out to be an unreliable person for your parents, children, and pets;

  5. Your digital accounts will be under the control of people you don't know.

Once again, it is of utmost importance to fill out a Last Will. In the digital age, it has never been easier!

How Do I Get My Legal Will from this Web Site?

It's simple:  click the "Create Your Will Here" button on the left and complete the easy, online last will and testament interview process. Then pay only $19.95 for your satisfaction-guaranteed Last Will and Testament and we will immediately e-mail it to you in Microsoft Word format or you may simply print it out right from our website, signature ready.

Who Needs a Will?
Everyone with property or children under 18 MUST have a will. Without one, a probate judge who does not know your personal wishes will dictate who gets your property and custody of your children after your death. This horrible possibility is easily averted by creating and signing your own custom will right here.

Don't I Need a Lawyer?
Probably not. The dirty little secret among estate planning attorneys is that 90% of their clients have exactly the same wills! The only service the attorney provides is inserting the new clients' names in place of the old clients' names on the same form. Do you really need to pay $200 per hour for this "service"? No. What you need is a will that expresses your wishes and assurance that it will hold up in your state. We deliver on both of those needs for only $19.95.

What if My Wishes are Unique?
In our last will and testament, we give you more choices for distributing your property than any other do-it-yourself will provider. And, if none of our options suits you, we give you the opportunity to type in your own custom distribution provisions.

How Do I Know My Will is Valid?
Because every one of our wills was drafted by a seasoned estate planning attorney to comply with the requirements of the state you select. You simply won't find this level of professionalism backing the documents on other do-it-yourself services.

I'm Still Not Sure I Can Trust My Last Wishes to a Web Site.
We're much more than just a website. Unlike other Internet vendors, we love to communicate with our customers. Get to know the professionals behind the website by dropping us a line. We want you to feel comfortable with the company you're trusting with such important matters. You'll be amazed at how quickly we respond.


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